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This publication (available here) is the first annual report on individuals receiving specialist interventions for drugs and alcohol misuse in secure settings in England. The figures show that there were 60,254 adults (18 and over) in contact with drug and alcohol services in secure settings during 2015-16. Most (94%) of these were within a prison setting. Just fewer than half (48%) of those in contact with treatment in adult settings presented with problematic use of opiates. Alcohol presentations make up the largest group (49%), with a total of 29,812 individuals exhibiting problematic or dependent drinking. A further third (20,355) sought treatment for cannabis use. Nearly 40,000 adults left treatment in a secure setting during 2015-16. Almost a quarter (23%) were discharged as having completed treatment. There were 1,541 young people receiving substance misuse treatment in a secure setting, mostly to address cannabis and alcohol use.

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