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To coincide with the publication of the first annual report on individuals receiving treatment for drugs and alcohol misuse in prisons and other secure settings, PHE are also releasing three new reports relating to substance misuse in prisons

This report summarises the work and findings from the implementation of alcohol brief interventions across 10 prisons in the North West of England that form part of the Gateways initiative. The aim of this project was to develop a suite of interventions for non-dependent alcohol drinkers who may be relatively treatment-resistant, but who commit a disproportionate share of crime. The report includes a literature review, factsheets, a brief intervention manual and an academic paper concerning brief interventions in prisons
In response to the growing concern over NPS in prisons, Public Health England (PHE) published a toolkit for prison staff supported by a national training programme. This paper seeks to distil and reflect some of the key themes and learning that emerged from the training programme with a view to supporting and informing frontline staff, prison service managers and policy makers as they address the challenge presented by NPS.
Following the publication of the New psychoactive substances (NPS) in prisons toolkit in January 2016, there have been significant developments in this area including the enactment of the Psychoactive Substances Act, high profile reports from HM Inspectorate of Prisons and the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman and the roll-out of a national training programme. The toolkit has now been revised and updated to provide a resource that takes into account the learning and additional information that is now available
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