Service users, families and carers

Drug treatment and recovery

Accessing treatment

The majority who receive NHS treatment either refer themselves or are referred by their GP or another part of the NHS. The average wait to get into treatment is less than a week. Around only one in three of those in treatment are referred via the criminal justice system.

It is not easy to overcome drug dependency, but people can and do recover.

Some users have the capacity to recover without treatment, using their personal and social skills, and with the help of their families and peers. But for those who do need help, treatment is freely available on the NHS.

Treatment is effective and reduces the harm drugs cause to individuals, their families and neighbourhoods. Combining treatment with access to other health and care services, along with support from families and other social networks, improves the chances of long-term recovery.

The national drugs helpline FRANK (  or 0800 77 66 00) has a list of services searchable by area.


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