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Consultation of use of NDTMS reports

Public Health England (PHE) is keen to gather information on how the reports and toolkits from the NDTMS (National Drug Monitoring Treatment System) are being used in the current operating environment and whether they are still meeting user’s needs. Therefore, we are carrying out an online consultation to gather information on your current use of NDTMS reports. This is an opportunity for users of NDTMS data to provide feedback on how we can improve existing reporting and what works well and what doesn’t. Also we are interested in hearing about whether we could improve the accessibility of NDTMS reports and supporting documents and materials. The feedback we gather here will be used to shape future reporting and to ensure that we maximise the utility of the data collected to support local planning and decision making and to help improve outcomes for those in drug and alcohol treatment. Therefore it is important that we hear from all users of NDTMS reports and toolkits, whether you find they currently meet your needs or not.


The consultation is now open and will close on Friday 31 March 2017. You can access the consultation here: https://surveys.phe.org.uk/NDTMS_reporting_consultation_2017

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