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Jargon Buster

Below are some terms and abbreviations commonly used in the substance misuse field. 

AA: Alcoholics Anonymous (see self help pages)

ACCT: Assessment, Care in Custody and Treatment

ACMD: Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs

BBV: Blood Borne Virus (See Harm Reduction pages)

CAMHS: Child and Adolescent Mental health service

CARAT: Counselling, Assessment Referral Advice and Throughcare (see Criminal Justice pages)

CDRP: Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships

CJIT: Criminal Justice Integrated Teams (see Criminal Justice pages)

CMHT: Community Mental Health Team

CQC: Care Quality Commission

CRB: Criminal Records Bureau

DAMS: Drug and Alcohol monitoring system (see NDTMS Pages)

DAT: Drug Action Team

DAAT: Drug and Alcohol Action Team

DCLG: Department of Communities and Local Government

DCSF: (former) Department for Children, Schools and Families (now DfE)

DET: Data Entry Tool (see NDTMS Pages)

DfE: Department for Education

DIP: Drug Interventions Programme (See Criminal Justice Pages)

DIR: Drug Interventions Record (See Criminal Justice Pages)

DH: Department of Health

DRR: Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (See Criminal Justice Pages)

DWP: Department for Work and Pensions

EATA: European Association for the Treatment of Addiction

HO: Home Office

HPA: Health Protection Agency

IDTS: Integrated drug treatment system in prisons (See Criminal Justice Pages)

IDU: Injecting Drug User

IOM: Integrated Offender Management (See Criminal Justice Pages)

MoJ: Ministry of Justice

NA: Narcotics Anonymous (see self help pages)

NAC: National Addiction Centre

NAO: National Audit Office

NATMS: National Alcohol Monitoring Service (see NDTMS Pages)

NDEC: National Drug Evidence Centre (see NDTMS Pages)

NDTMS: National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (see NDTMS Pages)

NICE: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NOMS: National Offender Management Service (See Criminal Justice Pages)

ONS: Office for National Statistics

PCT: Primary Care Trust

PDU: Problem Drug User

PSA: Public Service Agreement

ROTL: Released on Temporary Licence

SCAN: Specialist Clinical Addiction Network

SHA: Strategic Health Authority

SMMGP: Substance Misuse Management in General Practice

TOP: Treatment Outcomes Profile (see TOP pages)

VCS: Voluntary and Community Sector

YJB: The Youth Justice Board for England and Wales

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