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The use of cookies in this website

We reserve the right to use 'cookies' to track and store information about you.

Our aim is to continually improve the experience you have when you visit our website. As part of this process we use 'cookies'. Cookies are small text files containing information about your browsing session (e.g. which pages you visited) which are located in your browser directory.

We use different types of cookies and each has a specific function.

Some cookies are essential to the working of the website and allow you to navigate easily from page to page and perform certain functions (e.g. comment on articles). Other nonessential cookies allow us to analyse how you use our site, which enables us to make decisions about how best to improve the website design and functionality to fit your future needs. 

Usually web browsers are set to accept cookies. If you have visited this site, however, and did not want cookies to be used please exit the site and use your browser tools settings to delete the cookies. If you do this and revisit this site, cookies will again be set unless you change your browser settings to reject cookies.

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