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Proposals to amend the NDTMS dataset that is collected for drug and alcohol treatment

Update: January 2012
The proposals below are still in development and have been amended in response to the stakeholder engagement exercise and other stakeholder events looking at their implementation. The amended data set, once agreed, will be published here and all relevant stakeholders will be informed.  


The NTA is proposing to amend the data that is collected by National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) from April 2012, to ensure it remains relevant to drug and alcohol treatment delivery.

The proposed amendments focus on updating how treatment interventions are defined and recorded, in order to better reflect the interventions provided and to ensure they reflect the evidence base and recovery ambition set out in the drug strategy.

Previously, NDTMS modality codes have been made up of a mixture of interventions and settings. This has led to some inconsistencies in interpretation and data recording. We aim to amend the dataset to give us a more accurate picture of how and what is being delivered, and therefore a better understanding of treatment outcomes and recovery. 

We are keen to have input into this process and we are committed to listening to the views of the field and responding to them appropriately to ensure the amendments are practical and achieve their aims. 

Respondents are invited to:

If you have enquiries about this process please contact pete.burkinshaw@nta-nhs.org.uk 

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