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Treatment outcomes and effectiveness

We collect a lot of information about users in the system but we would like to know more about the outcomes of treatment. 

The extra information being collected through the Treatment Outcomes Profile, the Alcohol Outcomes Record and the Young People's Outcomes Record gives a rounded picture of the impact of treatment and other care, for the first time.


Changes to outcome records from 1 April 2016

As part of the Core Dataset M change (effective from 1 April 2016), clients will be asked to submit data on their tobacco use. This new items is to be captured alongside the regular Treatment Outcomes Profile (TOP) and Alcohol Outcomes Record (AOR) process. The information that will be collected is the number of days tobacco has been used in the previous 28 days. As a result, the TOP and AOR have been updated.


Tobacco definition

The definition of tobacco extends to readymade cigarettes, hand-rolled cigarettes, cannabis joints with tobacco, cigars, pipe tobacco, etc., but not including nicotine replacement therapy and e-cigarettes.


Editable community outcome forms

  • Treatment Outcomes Profile Form
  • Alcohol Outcomes Record
  • Young Peoples Outcomes Record
Secure Settings
In April 2014, establishments in the North West that were part of the ‘Gateways’ project piloted the use of TOP in secure settings, but as of 1st April 2017 all establishments are to record a TOP or YPOR (depending on the age of their population) for any detainees who have started a new custodial stay and are assessed by a substance misuse worker.
Secure settings include prisons, immigration removal centres, secure children’s homes, welfare only homes, youth offender institutions and secure training centres. Please note that TOP or YPOR is not required to be completed by immigration removal centres.
Editable Secure Setting forms
• Treatment Outcomes Profile
• Young People’s Outcomes Record


Community time periods

As per the current reporting process, the TOP is collected at the start of treatment, every six months a client is in treatment and again at treatment exit. The AOR and YPOR are collected at the start and exit of treatment.


Secure Setting time periods
In the Secure Settings, the TOP and YPOR should be completed at the start of treatment, ideally by the first custodial estate to receive the client (i.e. initial reception). These should be completed by the keyworker with the client to review their substance use behaviour and health and social functioning in the 28 days prior to custody. This will provide a baseline record of behaviour in the month leading up to the custodial stay. Community providers will complete a post-release TOP/YPOR at least 28 days after the client leaves custody (and within 56 days of release).


Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to provide hard copies of the forms but electronic versions are available in the links above.

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