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While the treatment system in England is well established and among the best in the world for prompt access, retention and successful outcomes, continuing attention is required to ensure that the system is balanced and offers a range of interventions, including harm reduction, abstinence-oriented treatment and substitute prescribing for all those who need it.

Information for all healthcare professionals and partners

Outcomes and effectiveness



Building recovery

Drug users are more likely to complete their recovery if they have wider support to help them to rebuild their lives.    


Skills and workforce

In recent years strong progress has been in made in expanding the workforce to deliver the increases in capacity and access to treatment that thousands of clients now benefit from. However, it is important that commissioners and services continue to work towards a workforce which is fully competent and able to demonstrate its competence.     


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment support



Treatment outcomes and effectiveness

We collect a lot of information about users in the system but we would like to know more about the outcomes of treatment.    


Preventing drug related deaths and blood-borne viruses

Reducing the number of drug-related deaths and the transmission of blood-borne viruses, while encouraging stabilisation in treatment and support for abstinence, is key to a balanced drug treatment system.    


Criminal justice

Drug treatment for offenders in the community has improved enormously over the past decade, in terms of availability and quality.    



The National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) collects, collates and analyses information from and for those involved in the drug treatment sector.    



Substance misuse is a complex issue. It affects not only individuals but also their families, friends and communities.    


Young people

Very few young people develop dependency. Those who use drugs or alcohol problematically are likely to be vulnerable and experiencing a range of problems, of which substance misuse is one.    


The UK Focal Point on Drugs



Involving service users and carers



Drug Treatment Evidence Review 2017


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