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Who are you?

To help you find the information most likely to interest you, we have divided the website into three sections, one for service users, their families and carers; one for healthcare professionals and partners; and one for public and general interest. A summary of what appears in each section appears below.

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who are you helathcare

This section is for those involved in providing drug treatment, including clinicians, commissioners, treatment service managers, key workers and members of local drug partnerships such as the police and primary care trusts.

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who are you service user

This section is for drug users, their families and carers and contains information on:

  • Getting into treatment and what to expect
  • Getting involved as a service user or family representative
  • What to do if you are worried that someone is using drugs
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who are you public

PHE publishes lots of information about drug treatment in England which local drug treatment partnerships use to make sure their treatment services meet local need. This information and research into drug use and treating drug addiction means we have a wealth of evidence, which is available for everyone from these pages

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